Jun 30, 2013

My Cameras Country Expedition

Hello everybody! It has been a few days since I've seen the face of the internet. This week has been busy.... from getting everything arranged for uni to technicians replacing our old internet to being out of town for the majority of this week.

Remember how I was telling you guys in my last post about buying my new camera? Well I did!
I bought my new camera literally yesterday and I'm still trying to work on it and figure out all the new features on it, but all day today I was just messing with my camera around my house and took some pictures.

 Basically these photos are just testers because I was trying to figure out my new lenses and such, but I couldn't do much more than nature shots because it was raining and I live in the country.... and there's not much along the lines of exciting when it comes to the dull country life.

I've decided that each week I will post all the pictures I have taken throughout the week and stick them on my blog every Sunday (The end of the week). I can already tell this is going to be cool :D

(Little side note: It was icky outside today... rain, grey skies, and all, so the lighting on the photos were not all that great... still don't know how to fix the lighting in my setting just yet)

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