Aug 17, 2013

Summertime Sadness

Hello everybody, I haven't seen all your beautiful faces for awhile! I know I know, don't shoot me!
For about 3 weeks now, I have been super busy trying to soak up what's left of summer and also getting everything arranged for my Autumn classes that are about to start here this coming week.
Recently I've been exploring everywhere and I have taken my camera to capture all the moments I've had while doing so. 
Here are a few of my favorites!

Again, sorry for not posting sooner, but I've been so busy & there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. Like I said, classes are starting this coming week so after I get use to my schedule for school, work, and everything else then I will definitely be back to posting. Also I am planning on redoing my whole blog, maybe even renaming it. Since I am going to school for a fashion degree I definitely want to film and blog about everything that happens during my first year of school.
Call me excited!