Dec 8, 2013

Weekly Readings (Dec. 2 - Dec. 8)

I think it is safe to say winter is finally here. This week has been pretty crazy from final exams to facing the craziness to get my Christmas shopping done. Although my week has been crazy, I am starting my winter break from class which has given me time to do things I really miss doing.

  • This week I was able to actually sit down and read some books. I finished reading The Girl Of Fire And Thorns series, which is something pretty different from what I usually read, but was actually a good book. I also went on this book haul at this buyout store earlier this week, which I will do a separate post about, and I just started reading The Eternal Ones, which so far is a pretty good book.
  • So Allure Magazine featured Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen on their December cover... enough said.
  • Just two more days left until The Return on Chanel.
  • I am on board the fur collared coats trend, I swooned at the coats WhoWhatWear.Com featured on their blog.
  • And of course the weekly Horoscope (Dec. 9th - 15th) by The Free People Blog.

Dec 6, 2013

Untitled Film Stills

My first semester has finally come to an end, and with that was taking a week and a half full of exams and turning in projects. For my final project for my photography class I was really inspired by Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills, so I decided to base my final project off of roles women play in Hollywood Film.
This project was a roller coaster. From scene manipulation to creating various cliche roles, I learned so much from this photoshoot. I learned what it was like to be at both ends of the camers. It was a very new experience because I work so well behind the lens and stepping in front of the lens for the first time, I learned there is alot of hardwork being the model as well. Of course I guess I had a hard lesson in being a model since I did this project solely myself, but doing this photoshoot has not only push my boundaries, but it has taught me things that I will continually use in the future.

Be bold, do something uncomfortable, whether you succeed or fail there is always something you will learn from it. -Yasmine Brooke