Jun 18, 2013

I'm Dauntless, How 'Bout You?

Guess what?!
First blog post for Yasmine Brooke
*Happy Dances*

Now that that is over, let me share some exciting stuff with you. Yours and my definition of exciting may or may not be totally different and off the scales, but what the heck right?!

A lot of people have been telling me about a book called Divergent by Veronica Roth (Who also has a blogspot HERE ), which also has a sequel so far named Insurgent. When Divergent was born, I kept running into it at the library or the book store and it just did not appeal to me. Let time go on a little and the walls of appeal crumbled and I went and got not only Divergent, but also Insurgent. If I was going to get into this book then I'm going to get into it 100%.

Long story short... I ripped through the first book in 2 days... it was that good. Just today I have begun the 2nd book, which Ive only gotten to chapter 6, but once again I am hooked.

I won't spill you the summary of what this book is about because if you have not heard about it yet than I highly suggest you get your butt up and go lot it out or buy it at your local bookstore (That sounded advertisey... smashing)

The cool part about Divergent is that it is being made into a movie!!!! But here comes another whirlwind for you... Entertainment Weekly showed a glimpse of Four, who's a main character in the book, being played by none other than Theo James... I hear heart palpitations in the far distance... Anyways if you want to check that article out it is HERE . (Also there are many other photos that have been reveiled which you can finding floating around the internet).

Veronica Roth announced the date in which the third installation of this series will hit book shelves, which is October 22, 2013, and it is going to be called Allegiant.
All the covers are really beautiful and become even more meaningful when you read the book, because everything on the cover represents something in the story (How freakin cool!).
 Also in my little side bar on my blog I am going to put the countdown for its release there, can you see my excitement?

Last but not least, Veronica posted on her blog that there are going to be Four Divergent e-shorts, which will evolve around Four.... Did you see what she did there huh... HUH?! The post which goes into detail is right HERE.

This is my first blog post and I didn't know if doing some sort of book review on this series so far was a good idea or bad, but I had to vent. Let this post be of some kind of help as of telling you a part of who I am, like an introduction. Anyways, I hope my ranting has led you to a bookstore where these amazing books are waiting for you, and to those who have already read it, let's discuss! I want to know your thoughts on the books!

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