Jul 25, 2013

Tumblr Inspiration No. 2

 These photos are inspiration I pick up from Tumblr from fashion to quotes to really anything.
I hope you enjoyed!

Jul 19, 2013

Pink Dip- Dyed Hair

Once upon a time I had bleach blonde hair... well it wasn't even that long ago, but I was a total color fanatic. Reds, blues, pinks, every color under the rainbow, I had it in my hair. Just a few months ago I colored my hair back to my original color because my poor hair has been through soooo much I'm surprised I haven't even damaged it much.
 I constantly colored my hair dramatically from browns to blondes, I mean my hair has seen a lot of lightener. So for now I'm trying to get my hair healthy again and grow out all the unhealthy dead stuff because believe it or not I have a chemical cut.. It looks like I have layers in my hair and this and that ,but scissors have not touched my hair in a longgg time.
I look back to my blonde days though and I miss being able to put crazy colors in my hair because it was always a way to express myself. Anyways here is a couple photos of when I dip dyed my hair pink!

The color I used in my hair is by Beyond The Zone in the color Raspberry Kamikaze.
And when this hair color starts fading it turns into the prettiest baby pink!
Love this stuff!

Jul 16, 2013

The Sexy 40's Mani

I love everything 40's from the hair to clothes and especially the nails, so it comes as no surprise when I say I have an overwhelming amount of red nail colors in my nail polish collection.
Red was the go to color of the 40's... why? Cause it was sexy and the 40's was, in my opinion, sexy.
Red is also my go to color from lipstick to shoes cause I always wear tons of whites and blacks.
I love red nails and I love Chevron sooo... without further ado,

Color by Venique in the shade "Going M-I-A"


Jul 10, 2013

Waiting On Wednesday (#2): No One Else Can Have You

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill @ Breaking The Spine and it spotlights books that we are so anxiously awaiting for to hit bookshelves.

Is it already Wednesday...? Time flies, but apparently it's not flying fast enough because I am still waiting on the book No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale.

I am going to have a long and agonizing wait for this book because it comes out January 7, 2014... that is so long awayyyyyy!
And look at the cover, this has to be one of the coolest covers for a book!

But here is the description from Epic Reads:

Small towns are nothing if not friendly. Friendship, Wisconsin (population:  688) is no different. Around here, everyone wears a smile. And no one ever locks their doors. Until, that is, high school sweetheart Ruth Fried is found murdered. Strung up like a scarecrow in the middle of a cornfield.

Unfortunately, Friendship’s police are more adept at looking for lost pets than catching killers. So Ruth’s best friend, Kippy Bushman, armed with only her tenacious Midwestern spirit and Ruth’s secret diary (which Ruth’s mother had asked her to read in order to redact any, you know, sex parts), sets out to find the murderer. But in a quiet town like Friendship—where no one is a suspect—anyone could be the killer.

What are you waiting on? Let me know!
Yasmine xx

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Jul 9, 2013

Ballet Bootcamp

I have been a dancer all my life, I do everything from Tap to Irish to even Jazz, but one dance that I've hardly tapped into was Ballet. I love everything about Ballet from the choreography to the way dancers move so gracefully with their long, lean, and limber muscles.

Lately I have decided that nothing would be better than to base my gym workout off of Ballet exercises and moves. Tomorrow will be my first day attempting "Ballet Bootcamp" and I'm excited!
Whatever Ballet I've learned during dance class I loved learning, so this is a way to make my workouts more fun and believe it or not, Ballet gives your body the ultimate workout. Why? Ballet works out muscles that are barely even worked, makes the body more limber.... and I mean really limber, and the body becomes muscular in a very lean way.

As I journey through "Ballet Bootcamp" I will share tips, tricks, and how I incorporate Ballet techniques into my everyday workout rountines.

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Jul 8, 2013

Vintage Goddess Hair

Summer should be nice and sunny not humid and sticky. The weather where I am is in the later category with a 99.99% chance of storms. So whatever ideas of having cute hair and pretty makeup you have can be thrown out the window real fast.

When I step outside the curls in my hair disappear and I'm left with a mane of frizz... ehh. I needed a cure and one fast, so I combined one of my favorite vintage updos (The Gibson Tuck) with a splash of goddess.

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Life Of Jazz: No.1

As you all know, this past week was the 4th of July. It was a rainy week here where I am, so I didn't get to catch a lot of photos.
For the 4th, we all went to Prospect Park, which is this big park where many community events are held. The park was packed! I literally had to fight my way through the crowds! I survived long enough to see the fireworks, but it started to rain right when they started them.
Here's a little of what I captured while I was there.

 This week I also visited my Grandmother, who has this beautiful garden in her backyard and I admire it so much because it's where I spent most of my time during my childhood with my friends and family and it's a place I grew up around, so it's filled with more memories than I can count.

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