Jul 19, 2013

Pink Dip- Dyed Hair

Once upon a time I had bleach blonde hair... well it wasn't even that long ago, but I was a total color fanatic. Reds, blues, pinks, every color under the rainbow, I had it in my hair. Just a few months ago I colored my hair back to my original color because my poor hair has been through soooo much I'm surprised I haven't even damaged it much.
 I constantly colored my hair dramatically from browns to blondes, I mean my hair has seen a lot of lightener. So for now I'm trying to get my hair healthy again and grow out all the unhealthy dead stuff because believe it or not I have a chemical cut.. It looks like I have layers in my hair and this and that ,but scissors have not touched my hair in a longgg time.
I look back to my blonde days though and I miss being able to put crazy colors in my hair because it was always a way to express myself. Anyways here is a couple photos of when I dip dyed my hair pink!

The color I used in my hair is by Beyond The Zone in the color Raspberry Kamikaze.
And when this hair color starts fading it turns into the prettiest baby pink!
Love this stuff!


  1. aah your hair's so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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