Jul 9, 2013

Ballet Bootcamp

I have been a dancer all my life, I do everything from Tap to Irish to even Jazz, but one dance that I've hardly tapped into was Ballet. I love everything about Ballet from the choreography to the way dancers move so gracefully with their long, lean, and limber muscles.

Lately I have decided that nothing would be better than to base my gym workout off of Ballet exercises and moves. Tomorrow will be my first day attempting "Ballet Bootcamp" and I'm excited!
Whatever Ballet I've learned during dance class I loved learning, so this is a way to make my workouts more fun and believe it or not, Ballet gives your body the ultimate workout. Why? Ballet works out muscles that are barely even worked, makes the body more limber.... and I mean really limber, and the body becomes muscular in a very lean way.

As I journey through "Ballet Bootcamp" I will share tips, tricks, and how I incorporate Ballet techniques into my everyday workout rountines.

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