Jul 8, 2013

Life Of Jazz: No.1

As you all know, this past week was the 4th of July. It was a rainy week here where I am, so I didn't get to catch a lot of photos.
For the 4th, we all went to Prospect Park, which is this big park where many community events are held. The park was packed! I literally had to fight my way through the crowds! I survived long enough to see the fireworks, but it started to rain right when they started them.
Here's a little of what I captured while I was there.

 This week I also visited my Grandmother, who has this beautiful garden in her backyard and I admire it so much because it's where I spent most of my time during my childhood with my friends and family and it's a place I grew up around, so it's filled with more memories than I can count.

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