Nov 22, 2013

Spirit Leaves Body

Heeellllooooo! do you guys remember me? Yeah I'm Yasmine the creator of the Yasmine Brooke blog.... ah yes! you remember me! nah nah I understand don't worry I understand I have abandoned you guys for... wait hold on let me just check my watch... GASP! A WHOLE SEMESTER OF MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE! Gosh guys I didn't think I left for that long. I am sorry.. I didn't disown you.. I'm back!

Now that I have got that apology out of the way, I have tons of projects that I have worked on that I am so excited to share with you! A few weeks ago I worked with a few of my friends to create a narrative for a photography project and was really inspired by Duane Michals work "Spirit Leaves Body". It was so fun working on more conceptual and very creative projects and this was only the beginning of what me and my friends have done... Enjoy!

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