Sep 2, 2013

Divergent Craziness Overload!

I am one of those people who will be in total reading mania for a good 2 weeks and then I have to slow my row and take a break from my mania for a week to focus on real life stuff, and then I am back at it again. Well guess what... I am back at it.
Everybody who knows me in real life and those who read my blog knows I LOVEEEEE THE DIVERGENT SERIES!
Whew! Okay... Now that that is off my chest we can continue.
As you should know, Allegiant is getting closer and closer to being released *fan girling* and the four shorts stories with Four *fan girling some more* andddd the movie *fan girling overload!*
Before I go any further you need to watch the trailer and behind the scenes.. lucky enough, I will link below.

I feel this movie is going to be more than I have imagined... it's just... everything is... perfect. Ofcourse I imagined things in the story differently such as the compound and what the surroundings would be like, but this project was nailed on the head. EVEN THE CHARACTERS WERE SPOT ON!
I have too many bundled up feels to even process the right words for everything that is happening, so let me know what all of you guys think... tell me how you felt about the trailers and how they seemed to you in the books... enlighten me while fangirling or boying!

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