Dec 6, 2013

Untitled Film Stills

My first semester has finally come to an end, and with that was taking a week and a half full of exams and turning in projects. For my final project for my photography class I was really inspired by Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills, so I decided to base my final project off of roles women play in Hollywood Film.
This project was a roller coaster. From scene manipulation to creating various cliche roles, I learned so much from this photoshoot. I learned what it was like to be at both ends of the camers. It was a very new experience because I work so well behind the lens and stepping in front of the lens for the first time, I learned there is alot of hardwork being the model as well. Of course I guess I had a hard lesson in being a model since I did this project solely myself, but doing this photoshoot has not only push my boundaries, but it has taught me things that I will continually use in the future.

Be bold, do something uncomfortable, whether you succeed or fail there is always something you will learn from it. -Yasmine Brooke

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